February Goals and Stuff

Or “Let’s Tempt the Fates”

I have purposely not done another “Future Goals” blog as the last one I did brought out the “Life Gremlins” and I have had a very chaotic past two months with minimal riding or free time at all. I’ve had to take on a new job, which between training and getting a new schedule, I’ve had minimal time for training. It also hasn’t helped that I’ve recently had a near 100% tack overhaul, and I’m still in the tire kicking phase of saddle shopping. One good thing though of having to completely overhaul your life and tack trunk, it puts things into new perspectives and new priorities. I like to think that after so much chaos, that a new order is taking shape. So here is my blog on tacking stock, making changes, and crafting some goals.

Goals for February are kinda on the mundane side, general terms, more riding time, more blogging, more time for family. Now thanks to my Bullet Journals I’ve been experimenting with, I’m slowly getting some time management skills back. My favorite part of the bullet journal is the weekly and daily logs, these have allowed me to see my schedule, and I’m able to actually see where I’ve over and under scheduled my time. This has been a great way of keeping me focused and getting control of my day. So I have some confidence in making some goals for February.

RIDING GOALS: I’ve actually made some minor progress, I’ve temporarily set aside my bitless goals, and decided to get the 6″ low port Kimberwick. I want to get Beaux more confident in leg and seat cues before trying bitless. He is a smart cookie, but if you introduce one thing at a time, Beaux figures things out much easier. So, while waiting for the mail to deliver our bit, this week is just going to be grooming, massages/energy work, and some hoof trimming. Once the bit does arrive, spend some quality bareback saddle pad time working on the legs and seat cues.  I’m crafting another blog regarding the saddle shopping adventures, so stay tuned for that. I’m also gonna put on my big girl pants and take Beaux out on the trails while using the bareback pad, so definitely looking forward to that blog.

BLOGGING: I’ve already have 3-4 blogs in the works, so I should be back to writing on a regular basis. I also have some blogs regarding the rehoming of Standardbreds after racing, I will also revisit the bullet journal as it has really been a real game changer and I’ve barely touched what the journal is capable of. I am also a big fan of the “Daily Prompt”, some days it just really strikes the cord.

PERSONAL GOALS: I have a few things I’m working on in my “Private Life” with keeping my Significant Other aka The SO, in my top priorities. He is a great guy and puts up with my horse addiction, so having enough time and energy to be a proper partner is top of my goal. In the theme of having enough energy at least, I’m taking up the 30 Day Rider Challenge to get me in shape for riding, this way I can be a more balanced and effective rider and have more energy to boot.

Lots of good things here for February, will be celebrating a birthday and Mardi Gras the same week, and my saddle shopping adventures should hopefully end with a (at least new to me) new saddle. Here’s to an action packed February!


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