About Jane

I am a lifelong horseman with over 20 years on the Thoroughbred but mostly Standardbred tracks where I fell in love with this incredible breed known as the Standardbred. I’ve been a rider and driver of horses for many years now and after dabbling in Eventing, Hunter/Jumpers, and Dressage, I’ve found a true passion for the sport of Endurance/Limited Distance and Combined Driving, and developing the Smooth Saddle Gaits.

I have spent the last 25 years re-training OTSTBs for life after racing. I’ve found the OTSTB to be a true pleasure to work with, with a willingness and people orient personality that just cannot be matched. I’ve personally re-trained dozens of OTSTBs and they can be found in the dressage arena, hunter/jumper ring, gaited divisions, and pleasure/trail mounts. When I’m not riding my own OTSTB, I network and promote the Standardbred as a viable pleasure and sport horse, help with locating and retraining OTSTBs, and writing helpful tips on retraining the OTSTB.

I am also a Honorably Discharged Vet of the USAF and served proudly in the Gulf War. I have a degree in History, co-own a tour company here in Florida, and when I’m not riding,¬†writing,¬†or reading, I can be found knitting various projects.

I also write for the online publication “The Standardbred Connection” and I work with multiple individuals and organizations to promote the Standardbred as a viable show and trail horse.