Bullet Journals? Yes Please!

I’m usually a few steps behind the “latest and greatest new thing” so bare with me, but I just discovered a new journaling idea called “bullet journals”. I wear many hats and keeping my hats straight can be an issue, so yeah, that dreaded “time management skills” rears it’s ugly head.

A bullet journal is more than a calendar or to do list, it takes those two, add in a journaling/diary section, and you got the basis for the bullet journal. I probably described this probably poorly but there will be links to ideas and such.

I have a tendency to over-schedule myself which ends up with me being not as productive as I wish. Let’s be honest, having a “to do list” that doesn’t get done leaves you in a crappy mood. Well, fret no more! The bullet journal let’s you have a monthly calendar, a daily log to not just keep you organized, but also to help log what is going on that day, and an index at the front helps you to find your information easily.

This system helps to organize your thoughts, log events that happened that day, help to keep you focused and on task, and also can have many personal touches. Examples:

  • Go to Post Office
  • Defrost chicken for dinner
  • New book from your favorite author you want to read
  • New knitting pattern (I’m an avid knitter) I want to try out
  • Significant Other brought me flowers
  • Random idea for blog
  • Name of the clerk who is always so kind
  • The Daughter made honor roll

The possibilities are endless, although from my research, those who really embrace this say to “Keep it simple stupid” aka KISS, although if you are an artist or doodler, make it as personal as you like, whatever blows your hair back.

Make a list of books or movies you want to enjoy, but instead of crossing them out, use a square, triangle, etc and color those in. This way you can look at your accomplishments and archive them for later (being a historian, archiving, or as my Significant Other says “hoarding” is a beautiful thing). I also like the cataloging system, as this is not a true daily planner with blank pages, you just move on to the next blank page, so in order to know where similar items are just mark the bottom of the page example: 13-14, 21, 35 so you know where other similar items are at, again KISS.

I am going to spend the next couple of days making my own bullet journal, so that I can make the best use of my time, especially with my crazy work schedule coming up. Plus having to write down my goals (especially for Beaux and I) this helps me to see my progress or lack of, help to keep me focused, and maybe, just maybe, let me make the bst use of my time for myself, my job, my family, and even my riding partner Beaux.

Here are some links to bullet journals, ideas, and layouts. Happy journaling!

Bullet Journal ideas

More Ideas

Ideas for the creative types

Get Lost in Pinterest




  1. Love this idea! We sound really similar (and I have a Standardbred rescue boy “Cherokee”), especially regarding the various hats. My solution has been to buy a set of ‘small pocket journals’ (like these – http://amzn.to/2jksaaw ) and I label each one by it’s coordinating ‘hat’ assignment (home, writing, ebay, critters, projects, gardens etc.) It helps to see which areas of my life are getting the least focus and attention too which is a help! (nice to e-meet you on here!)


    • I really like your idea, my OCD can rear it’s ugly head and I get stuck in the details. I work behind the chair as a stylist, help my husband with our tour company, write, and try to get my Standardbred into a regular riding schedule. (So glad to meet another Standardbred person, do you know your boy’s breeding?) I’m hoping a better system can keep me focused, and get a routine down so I can do all the things I like to do, such as reading, knitting, and gardening, plus enjoy the family. Glad to meet another Standardbred lover, we gotta compare notes.

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      • Oh yes indeed you will love the multi-notebook solution! 🙂 Cherokee is from a local line here in the northern part of Washington State (we’re about 45 minutes just south of Vancouver, BC) — Sadly he was left a stallion in a herd of stallions for most of his 5 years before he was recused and we adopted him the next year. I’ve ridden him after he had undergone a year of pretty intensive training. But, it broke my heart how heavily tacked and handled he had to be in order to be safe, so he’s our ‘Prince’ now and not for riding 🙂 We have another rescue boy Sundance who is a Morgan/Arab mix who is just fine with light riding but actually prefers ground work and walks so he and I do a lot of that — and hope no deer cross our path!) — here’s a link to an old video you might enjoy, this was first turn out together: https://youtu.be/aQWLfm15MxI

        Liked by 1 person

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