Uneven? You Know It

Or “best way to describe my life”


Uneven really describes my life at the moment, lots of ups and a few downs here lately, and for the next couple of weeks “uneven” will be my riding schedule. I’m taking on a new job so training for the New Job will take up the limited daylight hours, so no riding til the weekend.

Uneven also describes my training for the last couple of months with Beaux, between the drama at the Old Barn, moving to the New Barn, selling our pony Prissy (to an amazing family with 4 kids who will love her as much as we do), and now the new job. Uneven is definitely a good adjective to our last few weeks.

Now that we’ve identified “uneven” as the issue, it means I can now solve the problem. Yes, my schedule is chaotic at the moment, but out of chaos comes order (thanks Nietzsche) and the first order is to have purpose to my riding. For far too long I’ve not had a true purpose to my rides, sure I had ideas but our riding was not schooling but more schlepping around. Now when I ride I will have definite goals and ideas and even if we don’t accomplish everything, I will have a purpose to the rides.

I will work on being more even, which will actually help Beaux with his confidence issues, I will be more consistent, and even if I can’t ride but 2-3 times a week, those rides will have a better consistency, less unevenness, and *gasp* actual results on our riding.

So, here is to leaving uneven behind and being more even in our training.



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