Volunteering at My First Endurance Ride!

Camp Boggy Creek Endurance Here We Come!

For those who keep up with my blog (Yay all 3 of you!) you may or may not realize that I’ve been trying to dip my toe in the Distance World for a few years now. Multiple reasons for not competing yet range from no rides near me, to tack issues, or life/time with work and family that doesn’t allow the fitness Beaux needs to complete a lotta miles. The move to Ocala was in part so I can compete but more importantly, allow Beaux to be a horse. Which means out in a field more than a stall, turnout with other horses, and finally just being a horse.


The goal right now is to get both myself and Beaux ready for our first ride in January. The best way for me to learn the nuances of camping with your horse, the check-ins, and the vet checks, as well as a lot of things I’m not even aware of yet, is to volunteer at a ride.

I picked the Camp Boggy Creek Endurance Ride as it raises money for an amazing cause, Camp Boggy Creek. Camp Boggy Creek is a special needs camp for special needs children. Each summer a week of camp is dedicated to children with medical issues, as well as mental health issues so that these kids can enjoy summer camp. The camp has medical staff and therapists as well as kick-ass counselors so that these kids can be around others like them.

The ride raises money to support the horse program all summer as well as send two children to camp. This is a camp very near and dear to my heart as my daughter aka The Spawn has epilepsy and wasn’t able to do a few of the things other kids take for granted. Having medical issues is hard at times and this camp gives kids a small respite from their daily medical needs.

Here is the link to my fundraising page if you feel the desire to help out. A huge thank you in advance!

So I’m off to pack for cool nights but warm days (lots of layers!), to finally meet in person a plethora of Facebook friends, and to finally enjoy this sport. I will write an article on my weekends so entice others into this whacky sport we call Endurance. Until next time, ride on y’all!


DSC_2985 (2)





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