The Week That Was

There has not been a lot to write about of late, the weather in South Florida has been wet and (for us) cold, the wet has been the worse of it. For this being the “dry season” it has been anything but. Ankle deep mud with temps in the 40’s has made rehab very tricky, factor in that Beaux’s weight gain has plateaued with the icky weather, so it has been more than mildly depressing.

There is some serious good news though, a stall has opened up at a co-op barn where one of my riding buddies boards at, and guess who gets it? Yup, we do!! We move at the end of the month, where Beaux can be back in his truly happy place, the individual paddock with a shed. Beaux is a bit of a diva and has never truly been happy in large pastures or with lots of other horses. Beaux prefers one or two neighbors, but his own personal space to loaf in. The run has a 12′ x 12′ shed with adjoining 12′ x 24′ run with a lovely shade tree over most of the run, with only one neighbor, a super sweet TWH  with the awesome name of “Duke”. The barn has a HUGE arena, round pen, and at the end of the dead end street, is the trail head to our favorite riding trails at Tree Tops Park. This barn has fantastic security, great group to co-op with, and everybody rides. There as been zero thefts at this barn, and I’m looking forward to a zero drama barn (for once).

Even more good news, after the “Great Tack Theft” which left us with only my sheepskin tush cush (which they removed from the saddle, but hey, I’m grateful to have it), I have a Christmas/Birthday present from my bestie of a gently used Wintec, which happens to be Beaux and my favorite saddle brand. I just need to get a girth, leathers, and irons, and I’ll be ready to hit the trails. My new “target date” for an actual ride is end of February. This gives Beaux plenty of time to get moved, settled in, and get those pesky ribs covered. I can also put Beaux back on his Smartpaks, which I am fairly certain, will get him back to his “Fat Boy” old self.

Picture is from last summer with happier times for some inspiration.

Standardbreds Trail Riding
Rock Star Trail Horse Beaux

2017 has been a difficult year, and one that I’m very glad is in the books. 2018 is still young and full of hope, but already we’ve had a lot of positive things happen, so being a disgusting optimist, I’m hopeful for 2018.

I’m looking at having a few very modest goals this year, and just enjoy the trails and building a great partnership with my Beaux Beaux. He is 16 yo now, and this should just be a year to recoup and recover and just enjoy each other’s company. The trails will be our happy place and my biggest goal is to join Open Trail, find a more accurate GPS as endomondo loses 10% of mileage on Open Trail and I’m looking for accuracy as well as simplicity, and just rack up the miles.



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