Relax and Rehab On

This kicks off my new thread of following Beaux on his rehab journey of weight gain and getting back into riding shape (the both of us). While Beaux still has a some more weight to put on and won’t start ridden work until his weight is 100% but he will start some light hand walking, stretches, and easy ground work such as yielding of the hindquarters and other “games” to get his mind and body ready to go. My target is to ride on Christmas, so we have a few weeks to have fun and enjoy this part of rehab.

Today was an easy day of extra rations, Beaux gets alfalfa cubes (sloppy wet with apples and carrots just how he likes it) and photos to start properly documenting where we are starting from and to measure progress as we move into Phase 2 of Rehab.



Phase 2 of rehab will consist of hand walking, starting at 10 mins with 5 min increases until we are hand walking for 30 minutes.

This will increase his muscle tone and start getting his mind back to focusing on work. While hand walking, will also do stretches and some light massage to increase circulation and help those muscles recover.

The goal is to have Beaux ready for his first ride back on Christmas and with gentle work and stretches, along with his continued weight gain, this should be a doable goal.

I am also looking at adding ULC-R Aide by Animed to his feeding program as Beaux is always prone to ulcers and this product comes highly recommended, so look forward to a review on this product once we start using it.

Once Beaux is ready to start ridden work, then we will move on to Phase 3 which will include lots of gentle riding, suppling exercises, and slowly building back muscle and fitness so that by end of January, we are hitting the trails. Obviously, weather and Beaux’s rehab will dictate just how quickly we move ahead, but patience now will pay off handsomely once Beaux is back to his full self.

Now, MY fitness is also being addressed, and I’ve stepped up the distance I walk with my dog and I’ve added a free 30 Day Fitness App as well as adding in yoga/stretching to get myself as fit as I’m asking Beaux to be. I can’t truly be the rider he needs and deserves without adding fitness and core strength to my program.

Next up will be hand walking for 10 minutes, keeping Beaux’s mustang roll rolling along with correcting the long toe/under run heels that happened while a different farrier left his toes way too long and caused his heels to get under run. I am just rasping from able the toes and edges to keep his walls beveled as they grow healthier hooves, doing some stretches with carrots/treats, keeping his alfalfa coming, and some gentle massage to reward his efforts.

Until next time, ride on!




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