Guess Who Is Back!?!

This has been the “Summer of Our Discontent”, with a lot of good and a whole lot of bad that has happened in the last few months. First the good, went back home to New Orleans for about 4 months for work, was great to see friends, favorite restaurants, and just the general “joie de vie” that can only be the French Quarter and New Orleans. I was able to recharge my “historian batteries”, get more focus and direction on my historical writings, and lead some great tours. We contemplated making the move permanent, but as much as I love New Orleans and it will always be my “home”, multiple factors and the substantial cost of living there made the return to So Florida a necessity. We returned with renewed vigor and ideas to restart our tour company here in Fort Lauderdale and to have me go back to work part time until the business is profitable.

Now the bad, and there is a lot of it, mostly involving Beaux and “The Boarding Situation From Hell”. I truly was confident that the barn (where I’ve been boarding at for months with zero issues, minimal concerns, and a lot of people who had my number if anything went bad) would take good care of Beaux until either we moved him to New Orleans or we moved back, we knew we had 3-4 months to be in New Orleans with possibility of moving back depending upon cost of living, work, etc. First 2 months everything was good, received photos and all seemed well, then no contact for about a week and just when I was getting a friend to go and check on him, contact was established with the BO’s father and he was vague on details but assured me all was well. This is when you need to Google who you are working with, as when I got back and physically checked on Beaux I was sick, Beaux was dangerously skinny. (lost the pictures when phone crashed ugh) This is when I got the first part of “The Story”, the BO is sitting in jail, she was convicted of giving alcohol to minors on a trail ride in which a young girl was ran off with and the horse ran into a tree. The young girl received life threatening injuries that she is still recovering from and justice was partially served (her sentence was way too short for the injuries sustained). The hay and grain I bought (have receipts thank goodness for credit cards) never made it to my horse and Beaux lost a dangerous amount of weight. I cannot describe the anger and guilt that I’m still dealing with, but just as I got back to FL Irma followed us here, and just to pour salt on an open wound, my tack was stolen. Definitely, when it rains, it pours and again, always google your potential barn, people involved, etc so this doesn’t happen to you.

Through a friend, found a good place to board that an extensive google search and talking with vet and other local horse people, has a good reputation. Beaux is gaining his weight back fairly quickly, which the vet agreed he is healthy just didn’t get fed. The New Barn has a lighted arena, lots of grass turnout, large covered runs, and most importantly, on the edge of a horse trail that opens up to 3 other horse trails! So in another 3 or 4 weeks, should be able to start slowly getting Beaux back into shape. I would still love to do an Intro ride this winter, so let’s see how the fall conditioning goes.

Finding used tack on my tight budget ended up a lot easier, the rescue that runs out of the farm/ranch has a few saddles for sale, and got lucky that an older endurance saddle will be mine. The saddle will be wide enough for when Beaux muscles back up, but with added pads, we should be good. I still have another 2-3 weeks of Beaux and Dr Green Grass (yup, still green gotta love So Fla) Beaux should have enough weight back to gently start legging up.

Over the next couple of weeks, this blog/website will be going under some construction as I am taking this blog into new directions, with Standardbreds and Beaux being the main focus but with more daily blogs regarding life and horses. Until next time, buckle up buckaroos!


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