Starting a New Journey…Again



If there has been any consistency with my journey with Beaux, it is our inconsistency. I take a lot of the blame, ok all of the blame, for the lack of consistency with training. Life has always been a bit chaotic and Beaux came with a few quirks that has made our journey together, if nothing else, interesting.

When I first saw Beaux, with his warmblood build, my first thought was “Oh man, this is my next dressage and jumping partner” and Beaux quickly dashed those thoughts with his reluctance for jumping and general apathy towards the arena. We have been working on the basics while finding a sport that Beaux enjoys. There were a lot of limits in the beginning as our location at the time (New Orleans) had a limit of what you could do, parades and trails, and that was about it. Horse shows were a long trainer ride away and trails were limited without a riding partner, but that all ended when we moved to Fort Lauderdale.


Standardbreds Trail Riding
Rock Star Trail Horse Beaux

Beaux started racking up the trail miles and now, with having an arena for schooling, the holes in Beaux’s training became glaring. Out came the shovel to start filling in the holes along with a tweak to Beaux’s feed/supplement regime and identifying some knots in Beaux’s jaw, neck, and back soreness. I attributed the back soreness to the bareback pad and I put saddle shopping into overdrive, which leads us to our new new journey…..Western-ish.

The saddle that fit Beaux the best is a synthetic Western saddle. The saddle fits both of us, and with Beaux enjoying trails and showing flashes of gait, it has re-energized my goals/dreams of doing distance riding and getting a consistent gait. This new journey has me slightly revamping our training log and a new blog forth coming on that. I am really excited on this slightly new direction, while distance riding has been a dream of mine for a long time now, I was on the fence with the gait/saddle rack. Now that showing in English tack is temporarily off the table, I don’t have any misgivings on staying in the Kimberwick and building up to gaiting. So armed with this energy, our journey to Gaited Distance Horse and Rock Star Trail Horse can commence.




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