Making Sound Decisions

via Daily Prompt: Sound

Today was the first ride back after way too much time off due to many factors, from rain and mud to waiting on a bit in the mail. This ride also the start of a new journey in our journey towards being a confident riding partner, having a better or at least, more focused goal when we ride, and giving the bitless bridle a second try.


I spent about 5 minutes working with Beaux on the ground with the bitless bridle, asking for him to give with his nose and to back up. Beaux was very good with the exercises and decided to give a short ride to see how well the noseband worked. I will have to say I was very happy with the results of our short ride. Beaux was relaxed for the entire ride, no chomping nor chewing, and was drool free. Beaux responded well to leg and seat cues, and he also seemed much more at ease, he never once tried to fight the bridle or push through it. I give the noseband a big thumbs up and I already have some ideas to improve my initial design.


I am excited for this new chapter on our journey, I have a few details on the bridle I want to tweak to give a more clear signal and for our second trial run, I want to work more on the responsiveness of cues, and see if we can keep this mellow and relaxed Beaux. I also want to start riding off property as we do have some neat trails near us and Beaux loves exploring, so a great goal to work towards so that on my next Sunday off, we can safely start exploring the trails, cannot wait!



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