It’s Still Me

First Ride at New Barn


The writing prompt for today is about quotes, and I’ve been throwing quite a few of those around last few days so this prompt fits perfectly. The quote today is “When one door closes another one opens” and why that is so true.

I have recently had to move barns and was lamenting the loss of some nice trails that are a little too convenient from┬áthe Prior Barn. While the New Barn has less trails, there is still plenty of riding to be had. There is a horse park near by and 2-3 miles of trails through a wetland preserve. The barn also has active trail riders who hook up the trailer and hit the 100 miles of trails in our local community. I will say that the New Barn has opened a couple of doors and has given me the “kick in the arse” I need. I have been lucky in that when I need a shove out of my comfort zone, I get the push needed. Sure, sometimes those pushes are a lot harder to recover from, but thankfully, this push was the right push I needed to move ahead in building Beaux’s riding skills. Beaux and I broke some big “Comfort Zone Barriers” just in the last 6 months of almost consistent riding. We have both learned to trust each other on trails (although I do believe Beaux has figured out his human GPS has a faulty sense of direction), we have stepped down in bits to a low port mullen mouth Kimberwicke, Beaux has built up a lot of confidence crossing water (although water gets the Stink Eye as he counts gators and sharks in every puddle we meet), has crossed bridges with ease, and has improved his trail manners. I’m very proud of how far we have gone in less than 100 miles of trail riding (love my GPS app Endomondo), and yet there were some nagging doubts. How well was Beaux really listening on the trail, or was he just following the butt in front? I have a nasty tendency to overthink things, and I try not to overthink too much but I have come to the very real realization that it’s my issues holding us back.

My next few rides in the bareback pad, as we continue looking for the elusive saddle that fits, I realize that the move to the New Barn and only having a bareback pad to ride on, is exactly the push I need to move further ahead. It is that big ugly word “fear”, fear of falling, fear of failing, and I’ve been baby stepping forward but I’m tired of baby stepping. I have an amazing horse, I have the facilities now to properly RIDE and yes, lessons are in the future budget. I have blown my own confidence and I am now my own worse enemy. So that little voice that has kept me from really pushing ahead, will be ignored. If I fall off, I fall off and I get back on, not the first time and probably won’t be the last, but what if I DON’T fall? So to quote the late great Hunter S. Thompson “Keep pushing till the thrill of speed overcomes your fear of death”, if I eat sand I eat sand, laugh and get back on.

So, next few rides are for me, I am already noticing improvements with just some basic yoga and stretching, and I have two fantastic arenas to work in, and I’ll be working on my issues.



  1. Same here, once I get my saddle and some other much needed tack, I’m looking at upgrading my bareback. I like the idea of riding bareback for certain times, but it is not, at least for me, good at working on particular skill sets.

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