Why I Write, and Why I Ride

Today’s writing prompt is “Why I Write” which just lead into “Why I Ride” as I cannot truly separate the two. I write because I ride and I ride because I write and the two are my inspirations to push myself into becoming a better rider and a better writer. I have a voice that years to be heard, and I realize my story is not new or all that different from the thousands of other female adult amateurs, yet the desire to share my adventures calls me to document my adventures.

I was the typical horse crazy girl, who basically brow beat my parents into horse ownership. I was teased mercilessly by my classmates for having a horse and some really disgusting things were said, but my love for horses helped me to ignore the bullies. I joined the Air Force and horse ownership was out of my reach for a long time. I did surround myself with horses by working on the race track and large horse farms, where I got to ride and help reschool OTTBs for a few years. I made the switch to OTSTBs after falling in love with Standardbred racing and the breed. I finally got to truly own my own horse (not one that I was intending to rehome) with my adoption of Mr Beau Windswept, an OTSTB I adopted from a Standardbred Adoption facility in New Jersey.

Beaux and I have weathered a lot together, and we have made some great progress on a lot of fronts and now that he has settled in to his new boarding barn, we are going to take advantage of the arenas and show rings to finally put some polish on a few rough edges. I’m thinking of a few new goals for 2017 and will once again tempt┬áthe fates with a blog about goals for 2017. These new goals will be inspiration for my blog and will also help keep me focused on writing articles on retraining the Standardbred.

So hope everyone puts up with my daily writing prompts and churning out of some articles, I feel some inspiration and direction for my writing.


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