Life Happens…Again

I made the joke after I posted my December Goals that something would happen, and somethings happened.

First, weather, yes living in South Florida it means we get rain, a lot of rain, and apparently a lot of rain during the “dry season”. The rain and mud have meant very little to no riding, and the mud also means the thrush that I just got rid of, has come back. I have been studying a lot on the various “barefoot” trims and have been slowly getting progress in having a healthier hoof that is in balance. The “Summer of Mud” brought on a vicious case of thrush in all 4 hooves, and not just thrush in all 4 but deep heel thrush in all four. I’ve been treating them aggressively with a 1-2-3 combination of “No Thrush”, “Thrush Buster”, and athlete’s foot cream and triple antibiotics so we lost very little riding (soft/sandy soil) time. I will write a review on the “No Thrush” dry thrush treatment as it did a great job and I saw improvement by the 3rd day of treatment. This last batch of rain has triggered the thrush in the hind feet while thankfully sparing the fronts, and I’ve already started treatment so hopefully can clear this up quickly.

Which brings up the next setback, the dreaded “boarding situation”. The Prior Barn had many positives, including miles of trails but I truly needed a proper arena to train in. I made several attempts to work on goals while on the trail, but Beaux was unable to truly concentrate and give me his attention to really learn the skills necessary to be a safe and fun riding partner. Our New Barn has two large arenas, lots of turnout, and just enough trails to stretch the legs out. We also have a lot of riders who trailer out to many of the trails and events here, so we can maintain our “Rock Star Trail Horse” status.

Once Beaux has had a few days to settle in and adjust to his new home, we can start working on basic dressage, playing with barrels, and maybe, just maybe, see if Beaux wants to pop over an easy cross rail. Here is to new beginning and new goals! Until next time. ride on.




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