Weekend Wrap up or Monday Musings

It’s been a great weekend, even with rain on Saturday, we salvaged a good Sunday and it carried over to today.

The rain of Saturday gave way to a grey Sunday but we had plans to go to our local trail riders pancake breakfast and tack sale, so we didn’t let the weather stop our plans. Good food and good people with a few bargains to be had, I ended up with a $1 hat and a mullen mouth, low port Kimberwick bit came home with us. Beaux has been a challenge it wise and we’ve gone through several bits and bitless options trying to find that “sweet spot”. Our arena bit is a 3 piece lozenge style full cheek but for trails we needed a little more to get through Beaux’s “Tagliabue Moments”. We’ve been using a Wonder Bit but with solid mouth piece with 3 chain links in the center. It was a good bit for the stinky moments, but his gaiting wasn’t as smooth and his trot was choppy.


If this bit journey has taught me anything is that I have a good idea what works and doesn’t work bit wise, and I figured a low port, mullen mouth Kimberwick would be a good start. I found one at the tack sale and tried it on our Sunday ride. Beaux was forward yet relaxed (one of our goals) and he found his smooth gait and with posting, a smooth ground covering trot. Today Beaux went “two trips” as our BO (who loves Beaux) asked to take him out on a short morning ride with the two Paso Fino mares Stella and Ticki. Beaux was awesome with The BO, she loves the dressage saddle (and the sheepskin tush cush) and said Beaux was nothing but smooth gait and walked home on a loose rein. The time change is upon us and our afternoon ride was a short loop around a new trail opened up at our local park that boarders our barn. Beaux continued his awesomeness with being relaxed, forward, and having smooth transitions, smooth gaits, and all on a loose rein.

I am so happy with Beaux’s progress and now I feel that I can focus on the next step of our progression of being a solid trail team. I’m settling nicely into the new to me dressage saddle, some minor cinch tweaking and it will be perfect for the next level. I’ll blog about goals and hopefully some good video of Beaux en gait on the trails to share.

Until next time, ride on.


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