Procrastination Transformation

Transformation was Tuesday’s prompt and was unable to get this finished, so our new prompt for today is “Procrastination” and now on to the blog!

Transformation, it brings to mind so many ideas, and it is a perfect word for today’s blog.

In many ways, I feel a transformation happening with not just my riding, but my approach in training Beaux. Beaux is a huge personality horse, with big opinions, and is not always easy. Beaux has done more to turn me into a much more in tune rider, and has really done a lot to push me out of my comfort zones, these are all good things.

I am enjoying the journey to our transformation, and Beaux is enjoying the trails and is building up his confidence in himself and his confidence in me. Beaux and I have been a team for 5 years now, and it has been a journey of ups and downs. I will wax more poetic for our 5 year anniversary blog (Halloween!) but for now I will concentrate on the transformation of one human and one horse into a Top Trail Team.


Today’s transformation came from another “push from the comfort zone” moment. My fabulous $36.50 Ebay score Wintec AP saddle is no longer fitting Beaux. Beaux is really filling out now that we are almost riding consistently, and that particular Wintec is an older model that doesn’t allow for gullet change. I hung up the saddle and borrowed a bareback pad (plus another saddle pad for Beaux’s high withers and spine) and off we went with our Wonder Pony Prissy and Ferrari the Belgian mare to Tree Tops Park.

The bareback pad allowed me to really ride “in the moment” with feeling every muscle, every swing of the hip, and each footfall so much more clearly. Beaux did really well, only one minor spook when a critter dashed through the woods, minor balking at mud/puddles, and only crashed me into branches and trees about a dozen times, so progress.

I’ll be riding on a bareback pad until I decide which saddle to go with, I’m ┬ápartial to Wintec and with Beaux, the lighter the better. I am adding bareback pad to my ever-growing wish list, and with the ELPO hoof mapping (topic for another blog) I see some fun miles and blogs up ahead.


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