Life or Something Like It



Oh Life, how sweet yet cruel you can be. For the first time really since adopting Beaux over 4 years ago, we have been riding consistently, and making incredible progress on the trail and in the arena. I just set some personal goals for the rest of the month, which included 25 miles of trails and 3 training rides in the arena, yes baby steps, but this is a very busy month for me work-wise and making realistic goals seemed reasonable.We just had a fun Saturday at the lake, check that ride out here: Hey! We Did a Thing at the Lake .

What is the old saying? Man plans God laughs? Yup, gotta be some snickering somewhere as Beaux is on the Injured Reserved list. Get out to the barn and there is a huge swollen back leg and a gimpy horse. A quick inspection and a new hoof print is on the stall wall, Beaux has a love/hate relationship with his neighbor, a chestnut mare named Juliet.

Our week has been a not so fun routine of: cold water hosing, hand walking, poultice, sweats, and wrapping of legs. Thankfully, the swelling is going away, Beaux is feeling better, and we will take another couple of days of arena work (of which Beaux will be so thrilled about *sarcasm font*) and back to the trails.

I would love to say Beaux learned a valuable lesson about picking fights with neighbors and getting the stall wall involved, but to quote the infamous Tallulah Bankhead “Don’t think I learned anything from this.”




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