Hey! We Did a Thing at the Lake

Hurricane Matthew put me behind in writing, but he’s gone, we avoided the worst of the flooding, and Haiti is in our thoughts and prayers.

Now that Hurricane Matthew has passed, it is time to get back to riding and writing, and what’s better inspiration than a trail ride and swimming with your horse? I am blessed to board at a fantastic barn with great trails and trail buddies, and a barn play day was planned to go to Wolf Lake here in Davie, FL. Wolf Lake has a small area where you can launch your kayak or canoe, and has great footing for the horses to wade out and deep enough to swim. This would be Beaux’s first trip to the lake and while Beaux likes playing in puddles, not sure how he would react.

We took off down the trail that loops around the lake, it’s about a mile loop with a “hill” or at least what passes for a hill in South Florida, and Beaux tackled it like a champ. Beaux raced til he was 9 and having the luxury of just groomed surfaces, Beaux got a bit lazy about picking up his feet, and he would occasionally trip over random objects, such as tree roots, sticks, and pine needles. Now that Beaux and I are riding on a semi-regular basis, Beaux is becoming very good about his feet and he is becoming a very solid trail horse.

After the loop we end up at the beach area, and Beaux had a great time splashing in the lake, much to the delight of his trail buddies. Beaux got brave and we rode out to the drop off, Beaux is not a very good flotation device. Beaux rolled a bit but got his feet on the ground, and back to the shallows we went. We ended up taking a lunch break and back to the loop we went.

We ended up doing 3 loops around and taking another dip in the lake. Beaux didn’t go out as far as he did prior, but he went back in up to his knees and was relaxed about the whole thing. We got plans to head back to the lake, and actually get pictures that aren’t blurry.


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