The Obligatory Welcome Blog


Or Hey Y’all I got a Blog!


The first blog is the hardest, mostly because it has to answer the question “why read this?”. This blog is a journey, a journy of growth, of wisdom, and probably a few good cries, as this blog will follow my journey as an Adult Amateur taking my Off Track Standardbred (OTSTB) Mr Beau Windswept aka Beaux, from pasture puff to trail master.

Mr Beau Windswept with myelf up.



Beaux is the major inspiration for this blog, there is not enough information easily available for people looking at Standardbreds as a viable pleasure and show horse and by working with other lovers of the STB, I hope to build up a nice database with links to organizations, re-training hints, and a big brag page for people to post their STBs to. I also want to write a blog for adult amateurs by an adult amateur, because life happens, and trying to juggle work, home, family and friends, all while having a very time consuming hobby, it ain’t easy.

I again want to welcome you to this blog, I hope you find information that will help you on your journey, and help a much underappreciated breed find it’s way back into spotlight that is so richly deserved.


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