Prissy the Wonder Pony

Prissy came to us as a “kill pen save” when she was dumped by a suspected “petting zoo/pony ride outfit” as she was very people friendly but with marks of a poorly fitted saddle on her back. Prissy’s spunky personality caught the eye of a rescuer and for $75 bucks she was pulled. A mutual friend put us in tough as at the time I was in New Orleans working with a non profit on bringing a horse and art therapy program to the youth who were disproportionately effected by Hurricane Katrina.

Unfortunately, after many attempts but after the city removed their support and a lack of commitment from the non profit, I was “stuck” with 3 horses and limited resources. I found great homes for two and we made the decision that Prissy was just too special to rehome. Prissy rides and drives and is a super easy going pony who just loves being the center of attention.

Prissy is about 10 years old now and is enjoying live in Davie being a companion to Beaux, and tackling the trails and paths either carrying a young rider or driving. She is always a willing partner and a barn favorite.


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